“BioBalia” means BIOlogy in BALance. It’s the whole greater than the sum of its parts. 

BioBalia Institute School empowers people…

  1. To connect, communicate, collaborate, and co-create with Nature’s living Beings
  2. To heal and help their trees, plants, and forests withstand climate extremes.

…using consciousness-based collaborative mindful methods that heal trees, plants, and forests.  

This is the first and most important course to take if you feel your trees and plants are threatened in drought, excess heat or potential fire situations.

It's free!!

Emergency Drought, Excess Heat, and Fire Protection

Pro-Active Steps for Saving Trees, Plants, and Forests

Are you concerned about drought, excess heat--or even fire--in your backyard or somewhere on the planet?

This quick and easy course will give you the simple and easy emergency tools you need to help trees, plants, and forests as well as to empower yourself in the face of those climate dangers.

It's free... because we feel it's so important.

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Top 10 Benefits of our Courses

Meet us, "Dr. Jim" and Basia, your teachers. We'll tell you about the advantages to taking our courses.

Courses coming soon....

7 Ways...

This short FREE course will introduce you to previously unknown possibilities for becoming empowered in the face of climate extremes and help your trees and plants withstand the stressors.

3 Secrets...

Now you know us and how we teach. This affordable course is jam-packed with more of the practical information you need to take the next steps into helping your trees and empowering yourself.


A thorough set of explanations, experiences, and skills for you to Mend Trees in Climate xTREEmz.

You'll become a real partner with trees, plants, and forests... and contribute to restoring a livable planet.

Co-founders and teachers

at BioBalia Institute:

Jim Conroy, PhD, and Basia Alexander

We have been healing trees and teaching people how to partner with Nature since 2005.

For a lot more information about each of us:

Basia: www.PartnerWithNature.org/about/basia-alexander

Dr. Jim: www.TheTreeWhisperer.com/about