Climate Xtreemz cause stress and decline for trees, plants, crops, and forests.

Discover an environmental solution that gives you inner peace and makes you an enlightened steward.

  • Find out about a better, more grass-roots way to fix the whole climate mess… while bringing inner peace to yourself. 
  • Learn a bit about why trees everywhere are declining in climate extremes.
  • See why interacting directly with trees could be an environmental solution that gives you profound connection with your trees and makes you an enlightened steward. 
  • Gain “realistic” hope for a livable planet.
  • Feel inspired to become empowered with skills. 

This 101 Course is an introduction so you can embark on your unique adventure into

  • finding inner peace with trees,
  • empowerment in the face of climate extremes,
  • and healing trees so they can heal you.

This course consists of one :51 minute video.

Do You Fit This Profile?

  • Want to feel more peaceful in life and relieve personal stress. 
  • Tree lover, want to help your trees through climate stresses. 
  • Feel confused about the tech and governmental approaches to climate change and think: “There must be a better way.” 
  • You long for hope about a positive environmental future … and are willing to do-it-yourself and be part of the solution! 
  • Willing to learn, grow, and be exposed to ideas that don’t fit the mold.
  • Are open minded and holistic. (Possibly spiritually oriented.) 
  • Just need some reassurance and to learn simple “how-tos.” 

If you answered "yes" to one or more, then you are in the right place.

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Course Curriculum

What is Tree Whispering? Partnering with Nature? and BioBalia Nature InterPlay?

They are an experience of kinship, mindfulness, and cooperation with the Spirits of trees, plants, crops, forests, and ecosystems. People have feelings of deep interconnectedness and inner peace.

They are also about mutual healing. Theres a give-and-take when you use the simple and easy mindful healing methods between you and a tree.

They are also a way for humanity to have a respectful, collaborative and sustainable relationships with Nature's living beings such as trees and plants of all kinds. They are methods of enlightened stewardship that make use of simple, easy skills that have been proven over the last 20 years.