I'm Jim Conroy.

I have a PhD in Plant Pathology and escaped from a 30+ year very successful career in ag-chemicals after I had a flash of insight that there IS A BETTER WAY to improve the health of trees, plants, crops, forests, and ecosystems.

I've spent the last 20 years developing my consciousness-based collaborative healing methods to help trees, plants, crops, forests, and ecosystems regain health and protect themselves from climate extremes. These are globally unique innovations.

Watch my on-location videos to find out what I do.


It's a series of SHORT On-Location VIDEOS.

I explain what collaborative consciousness between me and the trees entails... and how it rescues trees in climate decline.

Here's a few of the places I've been...

The ski area in upstate New York State

Various trees on the Omega Institute campus

Climate-stressed tree needs "reminding."