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Hi! I'm Jim Conroy. I'm The Tree Whisperer. My passion is to save trees by healing trees.

I didn't always do that. I got my PhD in plant pathology and worked for 30 years in the Agricultural Chemicals sector. But I knew there had to be a better way to improve plant health. After a profound insight, I realized that I could "talk" with trees. I went on to develop unique, consciousness-based, physiologically accurate and botanically targeted methods to work with all kinds of plants from the inside-out.

Trees are sick... all "Green Beings" on the planet are affected by climate extremes. Even if their foliage is green, they may be stressed, sick, or in decline. Their internal functionality is compromised by extreme heat, drought, winds, strong storms, flooding, and especially by unseasonable temperature fluctuations.

There are no conventional approaches such as chemicals, cutting, or invasive processes in what I do.

What I do is only healing internal functionality through bioenergy-based and consciousnessly collaborative methods. I save trees by healing trees.

I hope you are open-minded. Be ready to expand your thinking about what's possible with the health of Green Beings on the planet, and, by extension, with your health and well-being, too.

These videos will give you a deeper insight into my innovative consciousness-based interplay with mostly trees, but also all kinds of plants, forests and ecosystems.

True, these are not conventional ideas. Most people don't think that these methods are possible. But I do it every day with sick and stressed trees that want to live and thrive. And their health turns around.

You'll be amazed as you listen to my videos about what is possible for improving tree health and fostering a livable planet.


Jim Conroy

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