"BioBalia" means BIOlogy in BALance.

Do You Fit This Profile?

  • You want to feel more peaceful in life and relieve personal stress. 
  • You're a tree lover and you want to help your trees through climate extremes. 
  • You may feel confused (or hopeless) about the technological and/or governmental approaches to climate change and think: There must be a better way.” 
  • You are open minded and seek to live a holistic lifestyle. You may also be spiritually oriented. 
  • You appreciate learning about relevant sciences but you are also open to learn, grow, and be exposed to ideas that don't fit the mold.
  • You long for hope about a positive environmental future … and are willing to do-it-yourself and be part of the solution! 
  • You just need some reassurance and to learn simple “how-tos.” 

If you answered "yes" to one or more of those points, then you are in the right place.

Become a Partner with Nature the BioBalia way.

  • Practical Information
  • Empowering Experiences of Connection
  • Inner Healing
  • Skills and Methods
  • Realistic Hope for a Positive Future

Restore your inner peace and become empowered to rescue trees from climate extremes.

Partnering With Nature empowers people and can begin to restore a livable planet.
  • Feel the inner peace of experientially CONNECTING with the Intelligence (or Spirit) of trees, plants, crops, forests, and ecosystems so that you can insightfully COMMUNICATE, consciously COLLABORATE, and intentionally CO-CREATE...
  • Be empowered with mindful methods and collaborative skills for healing stressed trees (and all kinds of plants) and protecting them from climate extremes appeals to you...
  • If you seek a mutually healing and enlightened relationship with Nature that leads to a positive and sustainable future on a livable planet...
Then please enroll in the BioBalia Institute School to get more information about the various kinds of classes.

There are some FREE introductory courses.

You'll find three levels of courses, too.

1 - Beginner and low pricing.

2 - The next step in your effectiveness, moderate pricing.

3 - Deeper insights and more effective, still moderate pricing.

Main Areas of Interest

Become a Tree Protector

Easy, simple ways to protect your trees from damage, decline, and climate extremes.

Courses available now:

Partnering with Nature

Learn our proprietary "4Cs" ways to partner with Nature: Connect, Communicate, Collaborate, Co-Create.

Courses available now:

Tree Whispering®

Have a personally satisfying inner experience of relationship with trees, plants, crops, or forests as intelligence--even spirited--beings. It's a mutual give-and take of information and healing energies in these times of climate dangers.

Courses are under development and coming soon!

In less than 2 minutes, find out about our foundational ideas by clicking on the video "Think About Things Differently."

Find out if you are already aligned with this direction in life and are ready to take pro-active steps for yorself and for your trees.

What the Courses Offer to You:

  • Secrets that empower YOU to heal and protect trees, plants, crops, forests, and ecosystems in climate extremes. Secrets that give you "realistic hope" for a livable planet.
  • Sacred Connection with Trees
  • Practical Information for Partnering with Nature the BioBalia Way: using conscious collaboration
  • Experiences and Skills
  • Healing for you in body, mind, and Spirit while you heal the trees and plants you love. 

Free Introductory Mini-Course

Click on the image to embark on your unique adventure into 

  • finding inner peace with trees, 
  • empowerment in the face of climate extremes, 
  • and healing trees so they can heal you. 

This course consists of one :51 minute video.

Click on this 11 minute video to meet us, "Dr. Jim" Conroy and Ms. Basia Alexander, your teachers.

BioBalia Institute School, Save Trees, Empower People, Restore a Livable Planet

The school's mission...

...is to save trees and empower people to restore a livable planet.

BioBalia Institute School has a globally unique and enlightened approach to partnering with Nature:

  1. conscious connection,
  2. communication,
  3. collaboration, and
  4. co-creation with the deep intelligence in trees, plants, crops, forests, and ecosystems
  5. to empower people and restore a livable planet.

What is BioBalia?

Click to see this very short video.

Co-founders and teachers
at BioBalia Institute:
Jim Conroy, PhD, and Basia Alexander

We have been healing trees and teaching people how to partner with Nature since 2005.

For a lot more information about each of us:

Basia: www.PartnerWithNature.org/about/basia-alexander

Dr. Jim: www.TheTreeWhisperer.com/about

Go to Our Websites


is the only website to share these and other secrets for a positive, environmentally-sane, and livable future:

  • how to have meaningful and mutually beneficial experiences of connection with a tree or plant of any kind.
  • why MUTUAL healing with trees and plants is so important.
  • how to survive, and even thrive, in climate extremes.
  • why humanity needs to shift from its human-centric focus to nature-centric and consciously collaborative partnership the BioBalia Way with all living beings.
  • and other secrets for a livable planet.


Jim Conroy — PhD in Plant Pathology, 30+ years in the agricultural chemical business, and 20 years as The Tree Whisperer® — has BOTH the scientific knowledge of how plants really operate on the inside AND an extraordinarily sensitive intuitive relationship with all members of the Plant Kingdom.

"Dr. Jim's" mission is to SAVE trees by HEALING trees. 

He knows what they need because he has ASKED them what they need.

His gift is to translate that into the correct physiology and scientific detail. He always works collaboratively and co-creatively with them.